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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Boys Boarding

Boarding life at Saints offers each boy a unique experience. The College is a second home in a very real way to those who are full-time or weekly boarders.  A wide variety of young men, individually different and from a range of diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, learn to work, live, play and pray together.

A strong atmosphere of camaraderie, along with humour and generosity of spirit in our boarding residences, helps nurture lifelong friendships, an aspect of boarding life attested to by our many Old Boys. Those friendships are formed through all the simple things: walking to Tolle’s for a meal together, sharing laughs over games and movies in the recreational rooms and playing downball or another game outside.

Living together, the young Men of Saints learn important life lessons about sharing and tolerance, as well as qualities such as loyalty, trust and strength in adversity, which are especially nourished in a family environment, a vital part of a Marist education.

Boarding routines encourage boys to develop responsibility, become organised and take pride in their own personal spaces or rooms. They benefit greatly from the structured nightly study, organised social events and sporting competitions, which together foster their balanced development.