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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition


At Saints, we have witnessed significant changes in the way in which lessons have been distributed and delivered in recent years.

The traditional board-and-chalk, whiteboard teaching pedagogy has been complemented and/or surpassed by the countless programs and hardware specifically designed to accelerate skills, knowledge and creativity. e-learning is more focused on the student with the teacher serving as the learning facilitator.

Saints has embraced cloud-based platforms to ensure that resources, lesson plans, drafting and results are easily accessible anywhere and at any time. Email communication has been complemented by Microsoft Posts and Chat Now & Zoom video conferences.

Special Year 7 e-learning resource classes are designed to ensure a smooth orientation to our college’s use of technology as well as familiarity with our Consistency of Expectation and Approach philosophy with regards to digital literacy and cyber safety. This ensures technology is safely used as an educational tool rather than a distraction.

Scribo and Word Editor programs assist with grammatical accuracy and Turnitin helps students ensure academic integrity. Music students produce highly imaginative and complex scores with Sibelius. Design and engineering students use CAD and 3D printers to produce industry standard products and use mobile phones to scan creations. 

Learning enrichment students have an array of e-learning hardware and software to assist sensory and cognitive needs. The Microsoft Immersive Reader, dictation tools and e-books are some of the strategies that enhance learning.

We believe that this e-learning culture encourages our young men to comfortably navigate the changes in society.