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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Learning Enrichment


At St Augustine’s we value our diverse student cohort and endeavour to cater to their wide-ranging needs in their educational and social setting at the school.

Our Learning Enrichment Team works in close collaboration with parents, teachers, our school pastoral team, principal, a range of Catholic Education consultants and external professionals to develop and implement the best possible learning outcomes for all students. We maintain high expectations and strive to provide enriching and supportive challenges for all our learners. 

Students with extensive needs are offered highly individualised programs that embed life and work-related skills and seek to encourage and foster independence through practical activities, participation in all electives and school activities and engagement in community and workplace experiences.

Boys who experience literacy needs are offered evidence-based programs to support their reading progress in phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, vocabulary development and fluency. Trained teachers and aides work with small groups of students in regularly timetabled sessions to address student needs.

For students consistently achieving above the expected year level, in collaboration with class teachers, the Learning Enrichment Team:

  • Engages in planning discussions to identify opportunities for curriculum differentiation
  • Offers appropriate screening and testing to gather further insight into the student's learning profile
  • In consultation with teachers, facilitates and explores broader extension and support opportunities throughout the year such as the University of NSW international competitions