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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Lennon Hall


Lennon Hall is an architectural chameleon, hosting many diverse college events. Opened in 2006 and named in honour of Old Boy Monsignor John Lennon AM, it seats more than 1500 people in air-conditioned comfort, all with a view of the main event.

In formal guise, this is where liturgies and the commencement and Champagnat Day Eucharists are celebrated. Full-school, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day assemblies are also held here. It’s where award ceremonies take place and where we farewell our Year 12s and welcome new Men of Saints during orientation.  

The hall’s state-of-the art lighting and sound systems allow musicals to be staged, lectures, formal dinners, parent cocktail parties and school dances to be held.  In a much more relaxed state, the venue becomes home for sport as a professional basketball stadium, and many volleyball games are played with daily physical education classes held in the hall.

Lennon Hall also houses the Lavalla Training Café that caters for many events.

Monsignor Lennon did not get to see Lennon Hall officially opened. But he would be pleased to know that this versatile space, which plays such an integral role in the life here at St Augustine’s College, was named in his honour.