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St Augustine's College

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Why Choose Boarding

Our boarders, boys and girls, come from near and far: from the suburbs of Cairns, to the remote areas of Queensland, from interstate and overseas. 

A common theme is the desire for an environment that gives them a greater chance of academic success than they would otherwise have at home. This might be because of distance or remoteness, but there are other factors, too. Parents and students often choose boarding because of structured study time, free from the interruptions and distractions they may have at home. Others opt for boarding because of family reasons, or simply because they are attracted to it as a style of education.

The decision to send your child to boarding school can be difficult. For parents who are struggling to decide, here are 10 reasons to consider making St Augustine’s your child’s home away from home:

1. Your child will be challenged to move out of their comfort zone.

Boarding is an incredible adventure that will challenge them in ways you never imagined. From academic support to pastoral and residential care, experiencing new social situations and living with young people from different cultural and racial backgrounds, boarding school opens up your child to a new world.

2. Your child will have a support network of dedicated staff.

Boarding staff are dedicated teachers and residential supervisors who mentor boarders and want the best for your child. They work around the clock to care for and support those in their care, often living on campus or nearby. And tutors with specialist subject knowledge are available during evening study.

3. Your child will be surrounded by others with the drive to succeed.

No matter their passion, boarding will offer your child the chance to connect with others who share the same interests and dreams at a level no day school can provide. Living with others determined to succeed in their chosen field gives students an extra incentive to do the same.

4. Your child will flourish in the structure and routine of boarding and their sense of independence will grow.

Psychologists tell us that structure and routine are important for adolescent wellbeing, and boarding offers these. It also helps them develop independent living skills and self-reliance: your child will learn to be clean and tidy, responsible for their own belongings and get used to being away from home, which can be beneficial later in life.

5. Your child will develop strong time management and study skills.

Boarding life is unique in that every boarder, even though they’re under the one roof, will find their own groove. This shows itself in all aspects, but more so in how they use their spare time. To really succeed in boarding, students need to manage their time effectively and are helped to find a study pattern that works for them while managing sporting and other co-curricular commitments.

6. Your child will develop lifelong friends and a professional network.

Boarding friendships often become lifelong, and these connections are valuable personally and professionally.

7. Your child will have access to year-round sport and co-curricular opportunities.

Living on campus means your child will have much more time outside of school hours to take part in sporting, creative and academic pursuits. Boarders have access to a range of support networks and facilities, as well as more time for before- and after-school training that other students miss out on due to their commute.

8. Your child’s communication skills will grow.

It can be difficult, at times, to communicate with teenagers, but being part of our boarding community will highlight the importance of communication for your child. They will be living with peers and boarding staff, which allows the art of conversation to flourish. Even those who are reserved will come out of their shells. Despite popular belief, boarders living together talk a lot!

9. Your child will experience new things.

Living away from home will open new opportunities inside and outside of school for your child. They may get to play sports that are unavailable at home. They may also experience aspects of local life and attractions that they would otherwise miss out on at home, such as visiting the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, or seeing an NBL game at the Cairns Convention Centre.

10. Your child will develop leadership skills.

In boarding residences, senior students are looked up to by younger boarders, often emulating their behaviour and seeking their wisdom and guidance. Teenagers are offered the opportunity to be role models and mentors each day. By boarding, your child can develop leadership skills that prepare them for similar roles later in life.


Deciding whether boarding school is right for your family can be made easier by accessing the right information. Our Boarding Prospectus contains detailed insights into the world of Saints boarding. 


St Augustine's College Boarding Prospectus