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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Technical Design

The rise in digital technology has impacted all aspects of society from communication, transportation, medical to entertainment. We take technology in our stride but consider your day without:

  • Social networking: email, IM, Facebook, texting, mobile phone, Snapchat
  • Transportation: GPS, car (anti-lock brakes, electronic ignition), planes, trains
  • Medical systems: electronic health records, nearly all medical tests
  • Commerce: ecommerce, ATMs, credit cards, debit cards
  • Entertainment: iPods, digital TV, movies (CGI), remote control devices, E-Sports

At Saints we empower students to become more confident users and consumers of digital systems and to be discerning and creative problem solvers, equipped for an increasingly knowledge-based economy and society.

The key focus of the Saints Digital Technologies program is to build the following skills:

  • Collaboratively create interactive solutions
  • Explore real-world problems in digital technologies
  • Create complex programs using appropriate programming language
  • Apply protocols and legal practices that support safe, ethical and respectful communications
  • Critique and evaluate student developed solutions for existing information systems
  • Acquire knowledge and apply critical thinking and problem solving to create innovative, purpose-designed digital solutions