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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Gildas Centre - Library

The College library is made up of different areas with many and varied resources.

It is a multi-faceted complex with quiet reading areas, a lecture theatrette, tutorial and seminar spaces and dedicated rooms for class, small group and individual study. It is a busy place and a visitor could witness in one short session, students studying intensely in one area, playing chess in another, and debating or attending a foreign language tutorial elsewhere.

Skilled and resourceful librarians are available in the Gildas Centre. All have extensive teaching experience in a variety of subjects offering students guidance, insight and resource assistance with their assignments and technical questions.

The visual aesthetics throughout the Gildas with its myriad of displays is a testament to the imagination and pride taken in making the Gildas Centre a quiet, modern space for study or leisure.



Monday to Thursday:  7:30am to 4:45pm
Friday:  7:00am to 3:20pm
(Times may vary on College event days)



The Gildas staff are constantly updating and managing the sophisticated Oliver catalogue and the audio-visual software Clickview, as well as resourcing the fiction, non-fiction and magazine sections. 

The Oliver contemporary catalogue system, offers a vast array of services from subject specific resource repositories and newspapers to professional infobase databases with e-books and audiobooks available.

The Clickview video service complements the visual and flipped learning demands of students using Microsoft programs such as OneNote and Teams.

All resources can be borrowed through the Oliver library catalogue system.