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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

A Day in the Life of a Boarder

Living on campus within a school community has benefits beyond the classroom and develops qualities that enhance important life skills including great organisational, collaborative and leadership abilities, resilience, humility and the formation of sound study and work habits – skills that students carry with them after graduation.

A day in the life of a boarder

A boarder's daily life in conjunction with the benefits mentioned above can help your son or daughter transition smoothly and enjoy everything life as a boarder at Saints has to offer.  Just like at home, daily routine is an important part of the day. 

Boarders get up, shower, dress and have breakfast in Tolle's dining room from 7:00am. Then it’s off to school. The boys return to Tolle's for a snack at recess and for lunch. The girls are bussed to school, they collect morning tea, make lunch from the salad bar or have a hot lunch delivered if on the menu. 

Around 3:20pm everybody returns “home” to change out of their uniform for sports training, down time or other activities. Boarders in Years 9 to 12 begin supervised study at 5:30pm with qualified tutors. Following dinner, boarders in Years 7 and 8 begin study, and the older students have a second study session. Afterwards, everyone returns to their residences where there’s quiet time, which may be used for further study, reading or free time.

Weekly boarders go home on Friday afternoon, while full-time boarders spend the weekend involved in a variety of activities. Each Saturday there’s an outing, which varies from week to week depending on the time of year and the weather. There’s study on Sunday morning and free time in the afternoon. By Sunday evening weekly boarders are due back before the boarding community Mass in the chapel. Then there’s quiet time in residence to prepare for the week ahead.