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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Options for Boarding


A boarding student who lives on campus full time, usually travels great distances to the College and resides seven days a week in term time and finds Saints to be a home away from home. A boarder attends school each day and on weeknights he or she attends sports training, has free time and joins supervised study.  On weekends a full-time boarder enjoys an exciting variety of organised activities, outings and sports, as well as supervised study time, which is one of the great academic benefits of boarding life. Each meal is prepared by Tolle’s dining room, and boarders attend singing practice and a meditation during the week and Mass in the chapel on Sunday evening.   

Three weekends a term our boarders, with parental permission, may stay with friends or relatives. Visits from parents at any time are most welcome, and their son or daughter can spend time away from the College with them.


A weekly boarder stays on campus Monday to Friday in term time, usually living in Cairns or an hour or two from us. He or she goes home on Friday afternoon and returns on Sunday evening. During the week they follow the same program as full-time boarders with free time and sports training after school and supervised study, which is one of the great academic benefits of boarding life. Meals are enjoyed in Tolle’s dining room with fellow boarders, boarding staff and tutors, and there is weekly singing practice and a weekly meditation in the chapel.