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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at St Augustine’s is deeply embedded in the essence of the College and an intrinsic part of the curriculum.

It allows the boys to learn through direct engagement with a wide range of media, design practices and concepts, theories, histories and critiques. These allow students to learn to explore ideas through imaginative engagement, making and presenting art and engaging critically with these works and processes in our two dedicated visual art studios.

Beyond developing and enhancing artistic skills and talents, students learn to think critically and creatively; skills that they will be able to apply to any discipline, area of study or work environment throughout their lives.  

Moving through each curriculum stage students investigate several art-making forms: ceramics, photography, painting, printmaking, digital media, drawing and film. These allow for a broad range of hands-on learning experiences in various art making skills and techniques.

Specialist Visual Arts teachers inspire our boys and challenge them to explore and respond to the world in which they live.

Visual Arts is compulsory in Year 7, and from Year 8 Visual Arts is offered as an elective throughout junior secondary. In senior years both Visual Arts (general) and Visual Arts in Practice are offered.

St Augustine’s has developed an excellent reputation for producing high achieving Visual Arts students whose works have been included in the Creative Generation Awards, The Energy Art Awards, The Silk Cut Award and numerous other competitions.

Many Old Boys are forging successful careers within the arts, and we take pride in and look to build upon our exceptional tradition of artistic expression.