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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

First Nations Liaison

St Augustine’s College has a long and proud tradition of working closely with First Nations communities, and for years we have welcomed students and their families from the Torres Strait Islands, Cape York, the Northern Territory, Western and Central Queensland and Western Australia.  

The College is humbled knowing that many First Nations Old Boys send their sons here. This speaks to the trust and rapport our First Nations families develop with the College while their sons are enrolled and retain that strong connection as Old Boys after graduation. First Nations students are currently among our full-time boarders, weekly boarders and day students.

Our staff are diverse; they have a special empathy with and show care and consideration for the culture and traditions of our first Australians. Saints acknowledges special events: NAIDOC, National Sorry Day and Mabo Day. These are marked with guest speakers at college assemblies or we join the celebrations at our sister school, St Monica’s College.

Students have access to a dedicated Indigenous Liaison Officer and the learning enrichment team who are specially trained and committed to assist those requiring support. Embedded within our curriculum are aspects of Indigenous and First Nations perspectives to inform the wider student body about our combined histories and to ensure First Nations students find study relevant and engaging. Our First Nation Men of Saints have the opportunity to travel to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and are encouraged to participate in university study experiences.

At Saints we want our boys to be proud of their cultural heritage and traditions and encourage a healthy study and work ethic. Students participate in traditional dance and other culturally significant practices while at the College. Annually the Saints First Nations Welcome Gathering Dinner is where achievements are showcased and Indigenous students give talks, assist with traditional foods and help organise the evening with the College’s Indigenous learning officer.

We believe that with dedication and high expectations everyone can succeed; and our First Nations graduates do. Over the years they have excelled in many careers including medicine, sport, education, accountancy, construction, the trades, entertainment, music, writing and the military. All are well-grounded, respectful and confident individuals. We trust, should you choose to join our Saints family, that you will find the College and boarding community welcoming and understanding, as we strive to holistically educate your son to become the best version of himself.

First Nations Scholarships

First Nations scholarship programs provide financial support to students from diverse backgrounds. The programs work to address systemic barriers to education by increasing access to secondary and tertiary studies for First Nations students. For more information please see our Scholarships & Academic Awards Scheme.