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St Augustine's College

An education in the marist tradition

Counselling Connection

Professional counselling is a safe and confidential collaboration between qualified counsellors and clients to promote mental health and wellbeing, enhance self-understanding and resolve identified concerns. Clients are active participants in the counselling process at every stage.

Counsellors are fully present with their clients, using empathy and deep listening to establish positive working relationships. Counselling is effective when clients feel safe, understood, respected, and accepted without judgement. Counselling is a profession with a strong evidence base. Counsellors use empirically supported interventions and specialised interpersonal skills to facilitate change and empower clients.

The counselling office is part of the College Health and Wellbeing Centre. The College counsellor is a registered mental health professional with experience in the emotional and psychological care of adolescents. The counsellor works collaboratively with medical professionals and external mental health practitioners so that appropriate care and/or referrals and reports can be made for the benefit of the young person’s mental health.

Confidentiality is the base rock of the counselling relationship. Each young person is offered an explanation of confidentiality in his first session and is asked to sign a consent form which outlines the way the information is stored. No information is shared unless it is critical to maintaining the health of the young person or others, or is required by law, or at the young person’s own direct request. In essence, confidentiality means that what is discussed within counselling stays within counselling.

To access counselling at Saints parents may contact Br Roger, the College counsellor, by phone, email or personally and ask that he meet their son. A student may also arrange to meet Brother by phone on 4052 9135 or email or by dropping into his office to make an appointment. He can also ask his homeroom teacher, head of year or head of residence to make an appointment for him. Additionally, these staff members may recommend to Brother that he contact and chat with a boy they have concerns about.

MHFA Workplace Recognition