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St Augustine's College

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Walk of Life by Harrison Oates, Year 11

10th September 2020

Cancer has touched the lives of many members of the St Augustine's College community. So, every year, without fail, the college supports two teams participating in the Cancer Council's annual Relay for Life, and raises much-needed funds that help support cancer patients and the quest for a cure.

Unfortunately, this year's event has had to be scaled back considerably, due to the present pandemic. Gone are the laps around Barlow Park until early in the morning, replaced by a small, live-streamed event to take place in October.

Twenty-nine students were not dissuaded by this. Guided by the steady hand of our Director of Mission Mrs Cross, a Saints-style Relay for Life was held on Saturday, August 29 as a prelude to the October event.

The day kicked off with a reflection and dedication to family and friends who have succumbed to cancer, marked by cards and the lighting of candles. The cerise and blue baton, made by Levi Thompson in Year 11, was unveiled and, at 9am sharp, the group set off on their epic journey.

Small groups took turns participating in fun activities such as basketball shoot-outs, tug o' wars, and obstacle courses, while the baton and students continued around the 400-metre course. Some students even ran marathon distances.

The team walked 1575 laps (603km) and have so far raised $5021 for the Cancer Council. While a normal Relay for Life is not an option this year, St Augustine's continues the fight for hope and a cure.

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