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Marist Education in North Queensland

Why choose boarding?

St Augustine's boarders (boys and girls) come from near and far - from the suburbs of Cairns, to the remote areas of Queensland, and from interstate.  Why do they choose boarding with us?

For many reasons. A common theme among them is the desire to be in an environment which gives them more chance of educational success than they would receive by staying at home full-time. This might be because of distance or remoteness, but there are other factors. Others, particularly senior students, choose boarding because it gives them a structured study time without the interruptions and distractions they may have at home. Others opt for boarding because of family reasons, or simply because they are attracted to it as a style of education.

St Augustine's offers a range of flexible options for students who are thinking of boarding. Students can be full-time boarders, weekly boarders (Monday to Friday) or even day boarde