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Marist Education in North Queensland


St Augustine's is known for both the excellence and the manner of its sporting programmes. The College offers a wide range of sporting opportunity as well as maintaining an enviable record of success. It has been for many years the champion school in the region for most of the sports in which it participates. Much of the College’s success is due to the strong team spirit that is fostered by the unique, tight-knit College community.

The College presents teams in the following sports: Athletics, Australian Football, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football and Volleyball. It also encourage students with talents and interests in other sports and recognises their efforts and success.

Each Wednesday afternoon is set aside for inter-school and internal sport. St Augustine's school teams compete each week against other schools in an inter-school competition. Students not involved in representative sports have a wide choice of sports and recreation activities. The College’s broad range of sport and co-curricular activities caters for a wide range of talents and interests and brings great enjoyment to the students’ school life.

St Augustine’s has a proud reputation of sporting excellence and has produced many great state and national representative sportsmen.