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Marist Education in North Queensland

Parents & Friends Association

The St Augustine's Parents and Friends Association exists to support the work of the College, and to provide a means of mutual support for parents.

In addition to the regular meetings of the Parents and Friends, parents are able to obtain additional information via the Parent Portal which is accessible via the College website. 

The Parents of boarding students have the opportunity to meet with their child's respective Head of Residence at the beginning of each Term. Our Country dinners are an important avenue for parents of boarders to stay in touch.

The Parents and Friends Association, as well as helping the College financially, assists with several events through the year to bring the College family together.              

2020 P& F Commitee members are:                                                                           

  • President   Mrs Jane Hislam
  • Vice President  - Vacant
  • Secretary  - Ms Cathy-Ann Swanson
  • Treasurer  - Mrs Rachel O'Sullivan
  • Diocesan P & F Representative - Mr Vince Musumeci & Mr Warren Dunn
  • Boarding Representative - Mrs Sue Swanson