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Marist Education in North Queensland

Outdoor Education and Camping

St Augustine's has a well developed outdoor education and camping programme. Heads of Year work with the full-time Outdoor Activities Director to plan and implement programmes at each year level, and in the Boarding House.

Years 7 to 10 have an annual camp, the aims of which are based around enhancing self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-esteem, and attitudes of team-work and cooperation. An appreciation of environmental values are also addressed. These camps allow students and teachers to develop their relationships in a pastoral setting outside the classroom. The week-long Year 10 camp at Chillagoe Station on the Walsh River is the climax of the junior secondary programme. Both students and teachers often rate it as the highlight of their year, for both its enjoyment and its challenge.

The boarders have frequent opportunity for weekend camps and trips. The College has developed a well resourced camp store which includes canoes, boats, cooking and camping equipment, and associated vehicles and supplies.

In Years 11 and 12, the students participate in a Christian living retreat which allows them time away from their regular lives to reflect on their lives, to set goals for their future, and to foster their spiritual growth.