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Marist Education in North Queensland

Options for Boarding

Students can be full-time or weekly boarders. The College attempts to work in with families in responsive and flexible ways to meet the needs and particular situations of each.

Full-time boarders, about half of the boarding students, usually live a considerable distance from the College and so do not go home on weekends. They have a weekend programme which offers options in sports, a variety of activities, organised recreation, free time, and study. The boarders also attend Mass each weekend in the College Chapel.  Full-time boarders have three weekends a term when, with their parents' permission, they may stay with friends or relatives. Visits from parents at other times are always welcome and students are able to spend time away from the College with their parents.  The College wishes to maximise the time that students are able to spend with their parents when they are in Cairns.

Weekly boarders, who typically come from places within an hour or two from Cairns, go home on Friday afternoons and return on Sunday evening or Monday morning.  It is an expectation that weekly boarders return on Sunday evening and join their community for mass in the Chapel.  During the week they follow the same programme as the full-time boarders