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Marist Education in North Queensland

Old Boys Association

St Augustine's College has thousands of ex-students, found all around the world and in all walks of life.

Especially because it is a provincial city and many of its students were boarders, the St Augustine's Old Boys'
Association has its members scattered far and wide. There is, nonetheless, a strong bond among them.

Each year, the Old Boys' Association and individual class groups hold reunions which bring together former
classmates and their teachers.

The Association helps to maintain the College Archives, working with the College Archivist.

Many of the honour boards and trophies in the College have been donated by the Old Boys' Association. There are two newsletters (see links below) published per year.

For further information regarding the Old Boys' Association or to express your interest,  please contact the College.   (See Contact us in site map)       

      President             Mr Angelo Caltabiano                                  Vice President    Mr Ken Harris                          

                Treasurer             Mr John Brimstone                                   Secretary             Mr Maurice Andrejic







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