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Marist Education in North Queensland

Mission Statement

God's challenge: Called to learn … Called to serve

As a member of the St Augustine's faith community, I strive to create a College environment which:
upholds the value of family
is courageous in its decision-making
thinks and reflects on all aspects of its daily life
nurtures its members, creating the most from their opportunities
encourages involvement in all aspects of College life
is open to change and prepared to grow.

This Marist college, aware of its history and tradition, believes this is God's challenge, mediated primarily through
Jesus - the son who loved unconditionally
and as lived out by
Mary - the mother who nurtured tenderly
Marcellin - the educator who built purposefully
and Augustine - the searcher who strove courageously.
Accepting and fulfilling this challenge leads us to be part of a people 'called to learn' and 'called to serve' … people of the 21st Century.