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Marist Education in North Queensland

Marist Spirituality

At the heart of the Marist school is a distinctive spirituality. Marists commit themselves to living the gospel of Jesus with the same faith, hope and compassion that Mary did. This is the essence of their particular spiritual tradition. Priests, Brothers, Sisters and Lay People are all members of the Marist movement.

Marists model themselves on Mary. First, Mary of the Annunciation, they are open to the movement of God in their lives. Like Mary of the Magnificat, they are ready to set out full of hope, with the good news of Jesus, taking it toplaces that hunger for it. Like Mary of Bethlehem, Marists seek to bringing Christ-life to birth in the lives of people and to fostering its growth as a mother would do, even in the most unlikely of places and among ordinary people. And like Mary at Pentecost, Marists stand with the Church as it comes to birth.

The founding Marists were critical of the Church they saw in France after French Revolution. They saw it as too hierarchical, punitive, privileged, and uncaring. They believed it needed a Marian face: something more simple, more forgiving, more humble, more nurturing.

Like St Marcellin Champagnat, modern-day Marists believe that the school is a privileged place to undertake this mission.






Gathered Around the Same Table (12 MB PDF download)

Gathered Around the Same Table outlines the vocation of Champagnat's Marist Laity.




Water from the Rock (6.67 MB PDF download)

Water from the Rock outlines Marist spirituality.