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Marist Education in North Queensland

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 What is the Marist Association

The Marist Association is a body of people who embrace, and are a living witness to, the Marist expression of Christian life. It is a bringing together of people who commit to the carriage of Marist life and mission into the future. In coming years, it will become a formal entity in the Catholic Church, responsible for the leadership, governance and animation of all Marist ministries. 

Why is it necessary?

To sustain the gift of Marist mission and life in the Church. The vitality and viability of Marist ministries in Australia relies on the establishment of a Marist Association. Three distinct factors combine for the Marist Association to be relevant at this moment. First, it is the natural progression of many years of partnership and collaboration in mission and reflects the level of coresponsibility the Marist community feels led to by the Spirit. Second, there are people other than Marist Brothers for whom being Marist is a central part of his or her Christian vocation. The Marist Association will provide a place for acknowledging and deepening this vocational element to their lives. Third, there is a diminishing number of Marist Brothers to cover the demands of the many Marist ministries across the country. The Marist Association, through meeting all the requirements of a Public Juridic Person (of Pontifical right), will be the Church partner for Marist ministries into the future

 To facilitate education in the Marist way, formation opportunities such as overnight retreats, Footsteps-making Jesus known and loved and Solidarity retreats have been made available to St. Augustine’s staff.  Some have had the marvellous opportunity of visiting the places of Marist origins in France and learning “first hand” of the formation of the Brothers and their spirit. Essentially our task is to encourage one another to remain imbued with the Marist spirit and to promote it throughout the College community. Another aspect will be, in the immediate future, to form the essential core of Marists that will be key in the partnership with the Brothers in the formal administration of their various enterprises ... in our case the management and conduct of St. Augustine’s College. The Group meet each term for prayers, formation, discusion and social gatherings.  There is an open invitation to all associated with Marist Ministries to join. For more information visit the link below.