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Marist Education in North Queensland

Bursaries and Financial Assistance

There are several ways in which families may qualify for financial assistance.


1. Academic Scholarships

The Gildas Scholarship is available to a student entering Year 11 as either a day or boarding student. The Heavey Scholarship is available to one student entering Year 7 for the following four years. Each scholarship is awarded on the basis of an academic test conduced by ACER, an interview, and the Report of the student’s present school.  It covers a 100% reduction in tuition fees and is conditional on continued academic success. The ACER examination is conducted in February the year prior to entry into Year 7 and Year 11.

Scholarship Application Requirements

If you are interested in having your child sit for a scholarship, please register by clicking on the following link

Acer Scholarship Registration 2021 

2. Music Scholarship

A music scholarship is awarded each year to a Year 7 student who wishes to study any musical instrument. Free instrumental tuition and 100% reduction in tuition fees are the benefits. It is awarded on the basis of an audition and an interview.
Each of these bursaries and scholarships are available only to permanent Australian residents. For further information, including procedures and schedule for application please contact the Enrolment Secretary.


3. Government Assistance Schemes

Several schemes exist:

  • Transport Assistance
  • Living Away From Home Allowance Scheme [LAFHAS]. Contact should be made with Education Queensland on 1800 248 997
  • Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme [AIC]. Contact should be made with Centrelink on 13 23 18
  • ABSTUDY – Phone 13 23 17