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Marist Education in North Queensland

Boarding Life

The boarders are, in many ways, the heart and soul of St Augustine's. While they can never replicate home, the boarding residences are marked by a strong family spirit and there is a sense of both fun and purpose prevalent in them. It is the aim of the dedicated boarding staff to provide the highest quality of care, support and supervision for the young people entrusted to them.

Since 2003 the boarding program at St Augustine’s has included both boys and girls who board at the same campus but attend separate day schools. The boys do all their schooling on campus at St Augustine’s while the girls attend St Monica’s for their day schooling needs. This arrangement has the attraction and convenience of having sons and daughters in the same location for boarding.  It offers the benefits of education in a city school: wide curriculum choice; well-developed co-curricular offerings; extra facilities; the broadening of horizons and opening of opportunities that a smaller country town cannot provide; and, at the same time allows for single gender education for in school time.

Boarders are housed in five student residences on the College campus. Each is bright, comfortable, fully air-conditioned and purpose-designed for teenagers. Each student has their own bed/study area within their residence. Students are encouraged to decorate their spaces, and bring their own personality and mementos of home to their areas. Also situated in the residences are common recreation and television areas, kitchenettes, computer areas, and the living apartment of the Head of Residence.

A typical day in the life of a boarder sees them up, showered and ready for breakfast which is served in the Dining Room from 7.15am. They then follow the normal school day, and are provided with a substantial snack at morning tea, and then lunch which is provided in Tolles (the cafeteria). The girl boarders are transported over to St Monica’s after breakfast and take morning tea with them. Lunch is either made in the morning from a salad bar selection or, on the days of hot lunch, it is transported over for them. After school, it's back to their residence for everybody to change for sports, training, free recreation or other individual activities before dinner at 5.45pm. After dinner, there is a session of supervised study. For this, the students are supervised in classrooms and have access to appropriate technology. They also have use of the residence computers. Tutorial assistance is available from members of staff and older students at this time. They have a break for some free time for games, television and supper. Students then have a either a second study or a quiet time which they may use for further study, for reading or music, or going to bed. The use of this time and their bed time depends on their year level.

For full time boarders the weekend is a mixture of activities and study time. Each Saturday there is a variety of activities on the grounds usually followed by an outing in the afternoon. The outing varies each week depending on the time of year and the weather. Sundays has some study time in the morning and free recreation in the afternoon. Sunday evenings is the brings the community together in the Chapel for Mass and is then followed by some quiet time in residence to prepare for the week ahead.

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